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 No. Deliverable Content  Date
 D1.1 Flexibility at the distribution grid: Reference usage scenarios for market and system operation services
 D1.2  Functional and operational requirements         08/2020
 D4.1  Flexibility-related European electricity markets: Modus operandi, proposed adaptions and extensions and metrics definition  07/2021 
 D4.3  Report on simulation tests with dummy data       01/2022 
 D4.4   Report on simulation tests with data from pilots        07/2023
 D5.1  Interfaces and infrastructure specification of core  blockchain services     01/2021
 D7.2  Definition of the pilots, the validation methodology and metrics  07/2021
 D7.3  Pilots’ validation report     07/2023
 D8.1 Initial dissemination and communication plan   
First set of marketing materials   
Report on innovation/co-creation activities at the trial sites   
Improved dissemination and communication plan   
 D8.5   Report on business model assessment, market analysis, regulatory context assessment and preliminary exploitation assessment   
 D8.7 Scalability and replicability analysis: recommendations and implementation guidelines   
 D8.8 Dissemination and communication implementation report including SIG activities