The outcome of the extensive work carried out in FEVER led to certain Key Exploitable Results (KERs), which represent the main tangible outcomes, assets or findings holding significant value. These can be leveraged for purposes such as commercialization, further research, or knowledge transfer; and aim at having a long-lasting impact.

The FEVER KERs were selected by the project partners from a list of 25 exploitable results; satisfying a broad overview of the FEVER approach. 

The KERs can be clustered according to target groups:

For Distribution System Operators (DSOs):

  • DSO Toolbox with     
    • Critical Event Prevention Application/ Loss Reduction Application
    • Algorithm for fault detection
    • Algorithms for PV generation forecasting
    • Algorithms for low voltage (LV) grid observability

For Flexibility Providers:

For Aggregators:

For Energy Communities:

  • P2P Toolbox with
    • Flex Trading DAPP
    • FlexCoin DAPP
    • Community Manager DAPP

For Market Operators:

Developments independently from target groups:

 The following diagram visualizes the clustering of the FEVER KERs:

The FEVER Key Exploitable Results