Pilot II: Flexibility aggregation and management

The Cyprus demonstrator is located on the campus of the University of Cyprus. This pilot aims to demonstrate aggregation of local flexibility. It also assesses the impact of blending complementary flexibility technologies with different availability and dynamics. Flexibility in the pilot comes with flexible storage of electricity in batteries, as well as from power-to-cold technologies. As planned in future, when smart meters are rolled out, the market rules will allow operating demand response through aggregators separate from suppliers. This allows them to offer demand flexibility covering the areas of day-ahead market, balancing market and the reserves market. Multiple use cases will be tested there. Some of them aim to leverage flexibility for congestion management and distribution grid balancing and to leverage storage assets for real-time handling of uncontrolled islanding mode, for reactive power ancillary services, for reducing losses and improving power quality through local storage utilization.

Pilot site provider

University of Cyprus