The P2P Toolbox mainly consists of distributed applications (DAPPs) enabling peer-to-peer trading:

  • Community Management DAPP
  • FlexCoin DAPP
  • FlexTrading DAPP

The FlexTrading of P2P Toolbox is a distributed application (DAPP) delivering a blockchain-based marketplace, where its participants (peers) are able to trade flexibility/energy products without an intermediary. It allows configuring trading parameters (contracts), monitoring and tracking statuses, histories, and states of several parallel P2P markets and individual peers, offering options for connecting third-party trading agents of market participants – for submitting or revoking bids automatically.

FlexTrading DAPP builds up on FlexCoin and Identity Management DAPPs, and so it must be deployed though a collaboration between FlexShape and CERTH.

Target group(s)

  • Energy Communities
  • Research and Technology Organisations
Result Maturity
4 - R&D Technology Demonstration (TRL 5-6) 

Main responsible partner(s)


Find the P2P Toolbox also on the Horizon Results Platform here.