The V2G-Charger is capable of both charging and discharging Electric Vehicles (EVs); offering the capability to use the batteries' storage capacity both for offering grid services and for maximising self-consumption (i.e. vehicle-to-home). Hence, it is capable, together with an under-development EMS, of untaping the flexibility from EVs.

Target group(s)
The V2G charger is of relevance for the following groups:

  • Domestic users (small scale)
  • Small commercial users
  • Private and public parking lots

Having said that, the target market is focused on EV users that have PV panels at home, as these users can take advantage of the bidirectional power flow of the charger, adding energy flexibility to household consumption.

Result Maturity
3 - R&D Technology Development (TRL 3-5)

Main responsible partner(s)
Estabanell y pahisa Energia SA
Estabanell y pahisa Impulsa
Universitat Politechnica de Catalunya
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