Pilot I: Flexibility measures and smart tools for the distribution system operators

The aim of the Spanish pilot is to demonstrate how activating aggregated local flexibility can be used in ancillary services. It also enhances the observability and controllability of the distribution grid in light of the ever-expanding penetration of distributed photo-voltaic generation. In particular, the pilot will demonstrate the feasibility and impact of blending complementary flexibility technologies with different availability and dynamics. Flexibility in this pilot comes with flexible storage of electricity in stationary and electric vehicle batteries, as well as power-to-cold technologies. The latter will be demonstrated in specific industrial settings related to food processing and refrigeration in the area of Les Riberes. Other assets leveraged in this pilot include stationary batteries and electric vehicles. The main service that aggregated flexibility will provide to the distribution system operators (DSOs) is support to congestion management. Additionally, special features of the power electronic devices (PEDs) that manage upstream network and batteries’ arrays will be leveraged towards the provision of ancillary services such as voltage control, reactive power control, and distribution lines harmonic compensation, phase balancing and losses reduction. It is expected to observe positive impact both at the substation and consumer level.

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Estabanell y Pahisa Mercator, S.A.

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