The FlexCommunity is a multi-stakeholder, cross-border and cross-project platform promoting a community approach to discuss flexibility related topics, share knowledge and collaboratively contribute to the further exploitation of flexibility in the energy system.

The platform is established to:

  • gain a comprehensive understanding of the similarities and differences of technical approaches,
  • strengthen cooperation in the development and implementation of advanced organisational structures and business models (e.g. for energy communities),
  • align terminology and communication efforts.

The founding members of the FlexCommunity are the consortia of the H2020 funded projects FEVER, edgeFLEX and Platone. 

The community shares the vision of an energy system which is based on 100% renewable energies and decentral energy resources, and believes that flexibilities are one of the key enablers to make this happen. 



The FlexCommunity - Get connected within the community on flexibilities in the energy system: flex-community.eu