The Flexibility Trading Platform is a central part of the FEVER approach. Its main task is to resolve congestions or other problematic issues that might appear in the electricity network. It enables the user (e.g. the grid operator) to exploit the flexibility of grid-connected parties to stabilize the electricity grid through automatic demand response; while considering the aforementioned grid connected parties' price preferences for automated operation. The FTP forms the interface between flexibility buyers and sellers.

Target group(s)
The product is relevant for grid operators (DSOs or TSOs), aggregators, balance responsible parties, and also microgrid operators. These may use the tool for various features and functionalities, like grid services (voltage levelling, frequency regulation, congestion management, …), energy balancing or energy trading.

Result Maturity
5 - Demonstration - System Development (TRL 6-8)

Main responsible partner
INEA (Informatizacija, Energetika, Avtomatizacija D.O.O.)



Find the Flexibility Trading Platform (FTP) also on the Horizon Results Platform here.