11.07.2023 | The FEVER consortium met for the 8th time for the plenary meeting. This time the meeting took place in Munich, Germany.

FEVER partners met for the 8th Plenary Meeting in Munich as one of the last options of meeting face to face before the project will come to an end in January 2024.

The meeting started with some updates on ongoing work packages and steps ahead. It was followed by a key exploitable results workshop that was supported by the Horizons Results Booster (HRB). It has paved the way for a workshop to develop the exploitation plans for all FEVER solutions further.

It was a great opportunity to recap the to-date achievements of the project and to describe the further path of the project results in the future. As a lot of the project runtime coincided with the COVID pandemic time, the meeting also offered one of few opportunities to meet and exchange ideas on a personal level.

In the evening of the first meeting day, we took the opportunity to talk further about exploitation and dissemination opportunities of the project results and to enjoy a typical Bavarian dinner.