The European Research & Innovation project FEVER will demonstrate and implement solutions that leverage the potential of flexibility in generation, consumption and storage of electricity for optimal management of power grids. Deploying artificial intelligence and ledger technologies, peer-to-peer trading of flexible energies and a toolbox comprising advanced monitoring and prediction algorithms, FEVER empowers distribution system operators (DSOs) to better observe and manage their grids.
>>> 17 partners from 8 European countries
>>> € 9 929 911,25 total budget
>>> Duration: February 2020 - January 2024
>>> 3 pilots and 1 laboratory simulation

Our challenge

An ever-growing share of fluctuating electricity generators, such as wind and solar, makes it more difficult to calculate the loads being fed in. Constantly increasing power demand poses an additional challenge. For a secure and resilient energy supply, production and demand need to be harmonized. FEVER meets these challenges by fine-tuning orchestration of flexibilities in generation, storage and consumption.

Our objective

FEVER’s objective is to promote optimal management of the power grids in the future energy system based on renewable sources.

Our solutions

Flexibility aggregation and management
FEVER develops solutions and innovative services that leverage flexibility. By offering electricity grid services FEVER addresses problems of the distribution grid and enables it to function in a secure and resilient manner in light of ever-expanding variable renewables. These solutions incorporate established and emerging technologies - among others - related to demand response, distributed storage (stationary and in electric vehicles), and power electronics.

Monitoring and automated control
FEVER demonstrates tools for advanced monitoring and automated control of the distribution grid, supporting functions related to continuity of supply, operation restoration, and power quality monitoring.

Flexibility market
FEVER analyses and demonstrates novel market mechanisms and tools that support and incentivize flexibility services. It takes the policy context and market rules promoted by the EU Clean Energy Package, as well as the national and international regulatory context, especially in the areas of the Ancillary Services into account.

The solutions and services are implemented and tested in three European pilots under realistic conditions in Spain (Pilot I), Cyprus (Pilot II) and Germany (Pilot III) and accompanied by a laboratory simulation in Greece.

FEVER within Horizon 2020

FEVER is funded by the European Commission´s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme. Horizon 2020 aims at fostering competitiveness, growth, and increasing benefits for the European Union’s economy and citizens. Under different funding schemes the framework programme supports research and development activities resulting in new knowledge, new products and services, and also in non-technological and social innovation. In these funding schemes, FEVER pursues the topic "Flexibility and retail market options for the distribution grid” within the Horizon 2020 focus "Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy”.