Simulation Tests: Flexibility Market

The Greek Simulator focuses on the simulation of newly developed market tools and mechanisms. The objective of the conducted tests is to simulate the operation of electricity markets that incorporate novel flexibility-related services. It introduces the role of the Flexibility Servicer Provider in the markets it operates. By doing so, it expands the existing Greek regulatory framework on frequency services and demand side response on the transmission grid level to the distribution networks. The target is to provide an adoptable solution for other European electricity markets. The use cases range from day-ahead over intra-day to real-time trading mechanisms. The aim is to test market mechanisms for incentivising flexibility or other market tools to mitigate problems of the distribution system network. The simulation tests address the business cases of all stakeholders, highlighting the scalability of the proposed market structure in future electricity markets. The demonstrator anticipates that it will foster the design of a well-functioning electricity market, enhance the cooperation among system operators and develop new business cases for all stakeholders.

Simulation lead

Hellenic Energy Exchange S.A.


Universite Catholique de Louvain (BE)
Intracom SA Telecom Solutions (GR)
INEA d.o.o. (SI)
University of Patras (GR)
Estabanell Energia (ES)
EyPESA Mercator (ES)
SWW Wunsiedel GmbH (DE)
SWH Stadtwerk Hassfurt GmbH (DE)