21.04.2023 | Managing the hype: industrial prosumers

There is a universal truth at play in any project like ours: every business owner will be intrigued by an opportunity to reduce cost at no impact to productivity. This clashed with another universal truth: things are rarely as simple as they seem.

Industrial prosumers should be, by and large, the easiest to be persuaded by the many advantages of participation in flexibility. They don’t share the hesitance of private individuals, which is often rooted in lack of knowledge about new technologies, or the hesitance of local governments and regulators, who have to first get buy-in from these same hesitant individuals and then follow up with mountains of paperwork.

In reality, industrial prosumers often share the downsides of both private citizens and regulators: they are still individuals with personal biases, but also beholden to an often-rigid corporate governance structure.

This is why it came as quite a surprise that industrial prosumers at FEVER were so willing to jump on the train of technological adoption, having their processes altered by another electrical cabinet that may as well be doing, from their perspective, magic. Now firmly seated in their cart, they came barrelling down the slope of disillusionment as they realised that flexibility is a slightly more involved process than a set-and-forget solution.

While the technical complexity of the solution is perhaps unnecessary to explain to every user, it is still of great use to have them realise the solution is technically complex in the first place. It requires some technical awareness to operate, some elementary safety protocols, and foremost a change of attitude towards a new tool.

Equipment deployed, expectations set, and concerns addressed, we are now en route to the final destination at the plateau of productivity. Excited to see what the future brings with carefully managed expectations, we now have another story to tell when a starry-eyed prospect asks: "So, when do we begin?”