10.07.2023 | The FEVER Advisory Board had its meeting to discuss latest project activities and progress.

On June 23, 2023, we organized the first meeting with the Advisory Board in the online environment, which was attended by 7 AB members, asking several questions related to present preliminary results and gather feedback on.

The focus of the meeting was the project scope and main achievements of the project. The consortium took the opportunity to present FEVER´s solutions for different stakeholders. In the first half of the meeting, solutions for DSOs, Flexibility Providers, Aggregators, Energy Communities and Market Operators were introduced. The second half of the meeting was dedicated to the FEVER trial sites in Cyprus, Spain and Germany as well as exploitation and business perspectives.

Many interesting questions were discussed and highly welcomed feedback gathered. The FEVER consortium thanks everyone who attended the ADB meeting. We are glad to have you and look forward to your support on the last meters of the project duration.






 Project Scope and main achievements


 Presentation of FEVER’s solutions for DSOs (DSO Toolbox)


 Presentation of FEVER’s solutions for Flexibility Providers

·       Factory Energy Management System (FEMS),

·       Microgrid / Complex Building Energy Management System (CBEMS)

·       Global Energy Management System (GEMS)


 Presentation of FEVER’s solutions for Aggregators

·       Flexibility Management System (FMS),

·       Flexibility Trading Platform (FTP)


 Presentation of FEVER’s solutions for Energy Communities


 Presentation of FEVER’s solutions for Market Operators


 Coffee Break


 Presentation of FEVER trial sites

·       Cyprus

·       Spain

·       Germany


 Exploitation and Business perspectives


 The FlexCommunity


 Feedback from the Advisory Board


 Wrap up and closing