14.08.2023 | Intrepid industrial clients join the flexibility market.

In the Spanish pilot, Estabanell is working on engaging industrial clients to participate in the flexibility market. And what does that really mean? This means we have convinced 6 brave and adventurous big clients to test how their energy consumption can help the distribution grid operate in a more efficient way. 

Estabanell started visiting many (really, many) clients more than two years ago, to explain to them in the simplest and easiest way about ‘flexibility’, a new concept they had never heard about before. The challenge was huge, both for Estabanell to make sure the concept was clear, and for the clients to understand. Only the ones with more innovative and forward-thinking minds were convinced to participate in the FEVER project. 

Currently, these clients have installed hardware, developed by a FEVER partner, that monitors and controls their loads in real-time. When the grid is experiencing any kind of stress (for example, when a lot of energy is produced by solar panels in a specific region and the grid is handling more energy than it’s used to), they are asked to reduce their consumption through this installed device. If they do indeed consume less energy during the requested period, Estabanell compensates them for the ‘service’ they offer, since many technical (and also financial) issues are avoided for the DSO.

In essence, Estabanell's innovative approach not only benefits participating clients but also contributes to a more resilient and efficient distribution grid.